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I am a Jamaican born Director of Photography from New Jersey, by way of Newark and Kearny.  I attended New Jersey Institute of Technology and studied architecture.  While there I developed an interest in creative expression through other media: videography, music, graphics and photography.  A combined sum of these art-forms result in a beautiful synergy called film.

I approach each project with an open mind, an encouraging attitude and a desire to tell a compelling story.   This will require building a solid team around you who will inspire you and you can in turn encourage them to be their best.   After college, I oversaw teams and budgets of varying sizes, working as a construction Project Manager.  This principle was essential.


Over the years, I have learned that those experiences were the key to creating collaborative environments.  Environments that are vital to any successful film production.  No man is an island.  Passion, professionalism and good work ethic have served me well on my journey, but I look forward to the road ahead.  Hopefully it can be with you!

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