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SPEC :: Reese's Pieces Halloween

Sci-Fi Thriller | 53m | Fall 2022

This is my first draft of the Reese's Pieces Halloween SPEC Commercial. Filming has not been completed as yet and some scenes I may want to reshoot. However, these are a few of the better shots that I captured so far. I cut this version of a draft to Howard Harper-Barnes' "Mysterious Forrest". There will be another version of this commercial which will explain more of the story. This clip is more to show where we were going with the nostalgic idea of Elliott being bullied and left out by his big brother and friends in Speilberg's 80's classic, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial The Reese’s brand's current slogan is, "NOT SORRY". We are trying to run with that.


Sami Morris

CMYKfilms presents :: ELEONORA - Music Box

Promo | 1Mins. 52Secs. | 2021

 Choreographed by Eleonora Fae "...Women tend to dance out of feelings of containment and a constant search for inner peace..." ~ Eleonora Fae



As I adjust my frame, hit record and capture Eleonora's movements and emotions, I get that sense. Feet planted, arms in constant flux, to me is interpretative of a dancer in a Music Box. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the historic Colgate Clock in Jersey City, NJ or the New York City skyline at dusk, her feet, forever planted to the earth is the limitation of time, which serves to contain her as her arms are free to spin and spin and spin, like the hands of a clock, pulling her into somewhat of a hypnotic trance as she tries to break free. A dancer in Music Box. A note from the director: This experimental dance video is part of a series that will feature dancers and composers such as Eleonora and Leimoti and set to the backdrop of various notable locations. 

Check out Eleonora Fae online: 


Eleonora Fae

Grand Opening Promo

Promo  |  1Min. 6Sec.  |  2021

Congratulations to Rochelle Cordeiro for starting her business and launching her Grand Opening. Thanks to Rochelle and the family for giving me the opportunity to be a part of her proud and historic moment.

Check out Bare Elegance online:


Rochelle Cordeiro


I WILL (Teaser)
Jersey Hope

Music Video  |  1Min.  54Sec.  |  2023

An inspirational message of hope and perseverance. Resilience can be one of our strongest assets.


:: The Artist

JERSEY HOPE is a talented and rare gem in the music industry.  Check out this strong unsigned underground Hip-Hop artist repping the "973" on YouTube and IG:


Jersey Hope



Music Video  |  5Min.  21Sec.   |   2021

Music Director: Donald Morris

Accompanist: Dr. Brian Harlow

Audio Engineer: John C. Baker (Recording, Editing, Mastering)

Gaffer: Gabriel Kurzlop 

IG: @gkurzlop


Connect with the Newark Boys Chorus School

IG: @newarkboyschorusschool



NEWARK BOYS CHORUS    |    Donald Morris


5-Year Anniversary Shoot
& Surprise Engagement

Engagement   |   5Min.  39Sec.   |   2020

On July 31, 2020 at approximately 8:15pm, Jeff asked Lisa to live with him Happily Ever After. We Filmed It and edited a little video for them to keep as a memento.


Jeffrey Dodson, Lisa Stroud

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